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Physical Security Products

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Personal Protective Equipment
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HERCULES 100: Heavy weight modular vehicle barrier The heavy weight champion
MVB 3X™: Modular vehicle barrier The 3rd and latest generation of MVB technology
SAMSON™: Modular vehicle barrier Will stop anything up to 12 Ton
40 Foot Autonomous Fortified Container
PYRAMID – Bi directional vehicle barrier Advanced bi-directional solution
MVB-II – Modular Vehicle Barrier II Quick assembly and effective blocking ability
FMB: Flat Modular Barrier Fast, reliable and flexible
RMB: Robust Mobile Barrier a MUST for every perimeter security professional
Defensive Fence
Safe Haven Bed
UVIS: Under Vehicle Inspection System
Steel T Walls
Armored Security Safes
Mobile Ramp for uploading containers
Fortified Front Line Posts
Front Line Logistics & HR Center
Garmoshka: Mobile Concealment Wall
Fortified Windows
Improving External Fortification
Armored Heavy Doors & Gates
Foldable Car Safe
Fortified Check Point
Mobile Clinics
Mobile Kitchens
Armor for Tractors
3 in 1 Folding Structure
SMVB: Snap Mobile Vehicle Barrier Stealthy & effective
Turtle: Fortification Kit
Beaver: Personnel Protection Post
Fences & Smart Barriers
Spikes: Extendable spiked barrier
Protective Wall
Airport Security Low Pressure Chamber
MFP: Modular Fire Protection
Dry Storage: Humidity Controlled Facilities
Guard Post: bulletproof armored booth
Body Guard: Single-Personnel Guard Post
MCCB: Modular Crowd Control Barrier
BVB: Buried Vehicle Barrier
Weapon Unloading System
MBP: Modular Ballistic Protection
Phalanx: Modular Ballistic Partition System
Scarlet: Bulletproof Protective Shield
IMPS: Indoor Modular Protection System
MVB: Modular Vehicle Barrier Non-fatal stopping power
Carmen: Crowd Control & Vehicle Barrier Controls riots & blocks vehicles
MFS: Modular Fence System
Dune: Barrier
Concrete T Walls
BPC: Building Protection Coat
Sky Guard
Hammer: Multipurpose Container Based Hanger
Merav: Multi-Layer Portable Shelter
MBS: Mobile Ballistic Steel Shelter
MBS: Mobile Ballistic Concrete Shelter
OBS: Organizational Ballistic Shelter
HBS: Home Ballistic Shelter
ResCube: Indoor Protection System
ESR: Expandable Safe Room
Gabriel: Command & Control Module
MSC: Multipurpose Security Container
Check Post: Fortified Check Point
Mantis: Guard Tower
Milennium: Guard Tower
Ami / Tami: Combat Post / Guard Tower
Ramgan: Guard Tower
Shark: Guard Tower
Priest 4000: Guard Tower
Infrastructure Protection
OverHead Protected Container

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