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OverHead Protected Container

Fortified container used as a safe room. The container can be buried in the ground or used as an above ground structure.

Approved by the IDF Commander Engineering Corps - Fortifications

The fortified container is a unique shelter system available in two configurations in order to provide protection levels relevant to the threat:

  1. Underground – a wide pit is excavated, the container is placed in the pit (either by crane or towing) and then covered with soil.
  2. Above ground – The containers walls are covered with soil.


  • Can be used as a modular component in staging areas and/or permeant sites needing extra shelters in an emergency.
  • The optimal, low cost solution for staging areas, troop concentrations and temporary forward bases.
  • Can accommodate up to 100 soldiers for short periods.

Equipment needed for installation

  • The fortified container can be towed into place by an armored vehicle, armored tractor, transported on an 80 ton/meter crane truck or on a truck such as a Rio “Arrow”.
  • Fast and simple installation using mechanical equipment.
  • Easily dismantled and transported.
  • Implementation using troops in the field and their skill sets.

Purchase and Supply

  • The first fortified containers were supplied to the IDF during Operation Protective Edge (Mifram supplied 20 units a week).
  • Up to 100 units can be supplied in the first month and 200 units and more every additional month.

Dimensions – 20’ Container
Length6 m.
Width2.4 m.
Height2.8 m.
Weight~3 t.

Dimensions – steel plate
Length~8 m.
Width~2.4 m.
Thickness30 mm.
Weight~3 t.

Total weight~6 t.

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