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Safe Haven Bed

Bullet & Blast Proof Protected Portable Bed
Sleep Safe Everywhere
Don't Fortify The Walls - Fortify Yourself!

Sleep Is Not A Luxury

On average, we sleep for a third of the day. But dangers face
commanders in conflict zones 24/7. When awake, the commander is
protected by a bullet proof vest and other methods and primarily by
his ability to respond either by retreating, taking cover or returning
fire (Fight or Flight.) But when asleep the commander is at his most
vulnerable. Exposed to the effects of blast, shrapnel, bullets or even
abduction, he is unable to protect himself.

Furthemore, good sleep during operations isn’t a luxury, it’s
imperative for operational efficiency over an extended period of time.
Mifram’s Safe Haven Bed provides you with personal protection in
situations where proper protection is limited or unavailable.

The Safe Haven Bed allows for the fast deployment of a protective
sleeping compartment in different locations: old or new buildings,
temporary or permanent structures or even tents. Now security
professionals can get the refreshing sleep they need anywhere,
including conflict zones.

Acoustic Sound Reduction

Combat areas are characterized by the unceasing noise in the
environment. Partially created by explosions and gunfire, it also
includes the non-stop noise made by troops operating in the area. This
can disturb commanders and prevent them getting the peaceful and
restful sleep that is so important to their continued ability fo
function at their maximum efficiency.

The Safe Haven bed is soundproofed, allowing commanders in combat
zones and hostile environments to enjoy a comfortable bed and get an
uninterrupted sleep.

The bed compartment has internal padding, which filters out loud
noises and provides a quite environment. The acoustic padding provides
a quiet and private environment for sleep, even close to combat zones
and facilities that operate 24/7.


Sleeping In The Comfort of Your Own Bed

The Safe Haven Bed is a reinforced steel compartment. It is a compact
yet spacious capsule with its own specially fitted orthopedic
mattress. The bed can also accommodate an additional bed placed on
top of the standard mattress, providing the client with the option, in
most cases, to use their own bed.

Simple & Easy to Assemble

The Safe Heaven Bed is easily transported, dismantled and assembled by
available manpower for relocation to different theatres of operation.
The bed consists of a stationary module containing the bed and a
manually operated, sliding cover that is easily opened and closed. It
is supplied as a “flat pack” with basic components and maximum
standardization. Two people can assemble the bed in just one hour with
the heaviest section weighing only 22 Kg. This makes the bed simple
and easy to transport between locations.

Solution for a wide range of threats

– Blast and shrapnel
– Gun fire
– The bed can be locked from the inside providing additional
protection and acting as a safe room, preventing kidnapping or terror
– Standard protection levels are NIJ-III and can be upgraded NIJ-IV
level at the client’s request

Safe Haven Bed Includes

The Safe Haven bed is large and comfortable enough to create a calm
and peaceful environment, similar to a luxury limousine. Enjoy the use
of a built-in multimedia system or use a laptop or tablet computer to
exploit to the maximum quality time available in a calm and pleasant

– A protected reinforced window for visibility & natural light
– Multimedia system, television etc.
– A wide, comfortable orthopedic mattress
– The compartment allows phone/WIFI communication
– Electric outlet for plug-in accessories and battery charging.
(electric charge is 12 watts to prevent risk of electrocution)
– Adjustable lighting system
– Electric fan

Additional Options

A biological and chemical protection system can be added to the Safe
Haven Bed. This creates positive air pressure within the bed chamber
protecting the sleeping occupant from tear gas, smoke and biological
and chemical agents. The system also ensures a clean, filtered, odor
free air supply and an insect free environment within the sleeping
chamber for a sounder sleep in hostile areas.

– Shaded or Tinted Armored Glass Windows
– Internal Window Shades
– Air Conditioner (cooling / heating)
– Two Products for One Price: Bed at Night, Safe by Day
Optional, specially fitted locks that can be unlocked from the inside
and outside let you store your valuables (such as classified
documents, computers, weapons, money, etc.).


The Bed is designed to provide enough internal space for the user and
their personal equipment. It is modular and can be customized to
accommodate all bed sizes. A bunk bed can be installed to enable extra
personnel to use the unit.

High Cost / Benefit Ratio

The cost of fortifying a complete structure can be excessive.
Furthermore, in many cases it’s not practical to fortify temporary or
mobile positions. On the other hand, the cost involved in providing a
protected sleeping environment for a single person is both economic
and feasible. It is also the most suitable solution for the
battlefield where the commander’s position changes frequently.

When compared to the high cost of fortifying a complete building where
commanders sleep (which is very high) the Safe Haven bed provides a
considerable saving in cost without compromising on protection.

Mifram provides you with the ultimate, most efficient and versatile
solution. The Safe Haven Bed gives you best value for your money,
guaranteeing you comfort, safety and security while sleeping.

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