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Building Fortification

Questions & Answers

Can we retrofit a building with protective shielding?

Mifram has developed a variety of systems that can be installed around and over existing structures to provide protection from low and high trajectory light missiles and 160 mm. mortars. Our systems are flexible and can be configured to provide excellent protection for any building size and type.

Zoning codes prohibit external protective shields, can Mifram provide and ‘internal’ solution?

The Indoor Modular Protection System is designed to transform an interior space into a ‘safe room’. The system consists of pressure absorbing frame clad with patented blast and ballistic resistant sheeting which can also be cladded with decorative materials to blend in with the room’s décor.

Can missile and ballistic protective systems be installed during construction?

Mifram has decades of experience in the design of architectural protective elements that are incorporated into buildings under construction. Working closely with the architect, Mifram’s solutions maintain architectural integrity without compromising of protection.

What about removable, re-locatable systems?

Strictly speaking, a building protection system is a permanent one that cannot be dismantled and transferred to another location. However, Mifram’s Beaver system, whilst not strictly speaking, a building protection system, can be configured to provide protection for a wide variety of structures (externally and internally) and then dismantled and relocated when no longer needed.

What level of protection do Mifram’s solutions provide?

Mifram’s building protection systems are designed to provide maximum possible protection from light missiles, 122 mm. rockets and 120 mm mortars as well as small arms, rifle and armor piercing rounds.

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