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OBS: Organizational Ballistic Shelter

Design and construction of concrete, fortified rooms for organizations, factories and public spaces.

Cat. No. BMFR-009 / 007

Concrete Bomb Shelters, Fortified Room for Organizations, Factories and Public Spaces

Concrete Bomb Shelters have been in use for many years and are the most widespread, approved solution of all protection and security systems. Mifram has, for many years, been closely involved in the design, construction and installation of secure, fortified rooms for both the general public and commercial, private and public institutions.

Our solutions are adapted to meet the exact and specific needs of each client so that they can be sure of optimum protection against all expected threat scenarios as well as changing and developing threats (Near misses by Scud and high trajectory missiles, chemical and biological warfare etc.). Mifram is committed to total and exact adherance to all approved standards and the demands of Home Front Command.

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