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Guard Observation Towers

A range of guard and observation towers with varying levels of fortification that provide solutions for different threat scenarios as per the client’s specifications.

The towers can be supplied in a range of heights and configurations as per the client’s specifications. Installed with advanced systems such as:

  • Advanced firing systems
  • Observation systems
  • Air conditioning
  • Electricity
  • Antenna
  • Searchlights
  • And more

Thousands of Mifram’s towers are in use by:

  • IDF units
  • The US Army
  • The multi-national force and other UN forces
  • Energy companies
  • Ports and airports

Questions & Answers

Can Mifram provide military spec. guard towers with rapid response capability?

The Mantis is a unique autonomous self-rising mobile watch tower developed by Mifram to meet the needs of security forces forced to adapt to rapidly changing security scenarios. The bullet proof Mantis (5.56SS109/M16 7.62M80/AK47 AP) requires no foundations and extends to its full height and is ready for operation within less than 30 minutes. Perfect for a wide range of military, security and civilian applications. Mantis erection video

What is the maximum height guard tower Mifram produce’s?

Mifram produces a range of guard tower solutions to meet the needs of any military, security or police force. Based on years of operational experience, Mifram provides its systems in a variety of configurations and sizes. For example, the Ramgan system, which meets NIJ-III, NIJ-IV standards and provides mortar protection, can be supplied in either a 4.6 meter or 8 meter configuration.

What fields of fire do Mifram solutions provide?

Mifram’s solutions cover a wide range of scenarios and needs including the innovative Shark with 360O visibility and a 300 O firing angle. Mifram provides a range of solutions to meet your defensive and offensive requirements.

Can Mifram guard towers be adapted to our needs?

Yes. The changing face of modern warfare and security situations means that no one solution can fit all scenarios. That’s why we offer a wide range of customization options for our guard towers and our engineers are ready to find, cost effective solutions to your requirements.

Do all Mifram guard towers provide ballistic protection?

All our guard tower solutions (apart from the Sentinel/Priest models) provide ballistic protection that meet stringent demands and standards such as those of NATO, the IDF and the US Army. Specifications differ from model to model so please contact us for more detailed information.

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