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ResCube: Indoor Protection System

Fortified Space Folding, steel structure for protection against rockets and missiles. Can be used as a safe room in the case of forced entry and theft.

Tested & approved by Home Front Command

IDF explosive test carried out by Home Front Command. The wall was completely destroyed and other protective solutions failed. Only Mifram’s ResCube was unharmed! on two floors and two tests.

Revolutionary product to offer protection inside of a room!

Suitable for all structures – just three days to install – and you have a folding, approved fortified space in your home!

Day-to-Day: takes up almost no space. The ResCub is folded, takes up just 25 cm of one of the room’s walls and doesn’t disturb daily routine. Can be concealed with a matching curtain.

In an Emergency: in just a few minutes you are protected. Opened by one person, it provides total protection in just a few minutes. Easy, simple, immediate and fast opening.

Suitable for any location

  • Children’s rooms
  • Storerooms and sheds (folding)
  • Offices
  • Public buildings
  • Safe Rooms
  • Buildings and apartments – all floors
  • Older buildings
  • Rented apartments

Simple & fast installation

  • The ResCube is more aesthetic than a standard fortified room
  • The installation is faster, just three days and you have a folding fortified space in your home.
  • No need to replace doors.
  • No need to replace windows.
  • The ResCube can be installed in any room – in an old or a new building and is an approved fortification solution.
  • Doesn’t require neighbor’s approval.
  • All installations are carried out with a supervising engineer.
  • The ResCube can be dismantled which makes it suitable for rented properties.
  • The ResCube can move with you to a new home and can be bought or sold separately.

Wide Range of Threat Solutions

  • Near misses from heavy missiles and blast damage in existing buildings
  • Earthquakes in existing buildings
  • Burglaries and kidnapping
  • Terrorist attacks (optional)

 Model AModel BModel C
Length1.5 m.1.8 m.2.25 m.
Width1.5 m.1.9 m.2.25 m.
Height2 m.2.05 m.2.25 m.
Area2.25 SqM.3.42 SqM.5.06 SqM.
Weight900 Kg.1,350 Kg.1,890 Kg.
Capacity~10 People~15 People~22 People

* All dimensions can be changed.

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