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Mobile clinic  facility for tests and vaccines

Fast- Efficient- Mobile

Medi 3, designed and developed to provide mobile effective autonomous multipurpose wagon to enable health organizations to safely conduct thousands of vaccine injections to multiple walk-in patients in very comfortable conditions especially for the medical teams.

Every MEDI 3 wagon can test or vaccinate 3 patients simultaneously and with minimum “dead time” between patients.

Medical personnel do not need to heavily protect themselves since they are isolated from the patients. This saves a great deal of time for changing into and out of protective gear and saves the cost of the gear. 

In Medi 3 model C the medical personnel are also protected from foul odors, chemical and biological hazards through an NBC filtration system. 

MEDI 3 can be easily mobilized to remote locations and all with no support or supporting infrastructure, even under quarantine or just any location that requires extra separation and can operate simultaneously with good separations between the 3 window lines. (more than required)

The development process put strong emphasis on the health and comfort of the medical personnel. 

We at Mifram firmly believe that increasing efficiency and maintaining good quality service can only be possible if medical personnel can sit comfortably and converse quietly with patients, in supportive environmental conditions, which is why Medi 3is equipped with high quality insulation against extreme high and low temperatures and acoustic insulation to silence rain and hail.

Special emphasis was implemented on the ability to frequently clean and disinfect the structure and an air conditioning system is in place to maintain optimal temperature and humidity levels.

Additionally, a special one on one intercom system makes certain that even hard of hearing patients can easily communicate with the person on the other side of the insulated window. 

To keep personnel separate from patients while maintaining the Medi 3‘s abilities to be used for other purposes, each window has 3 different dividing modules:

  1. A roller shutter hermetically ensures the window is closed and that no one can break in when the unit is not in use, and also provides shade as needed.
  2. Folding, lockable windows allow for services which do not require complete isolation (such as vaccination procedures or other uses at the discretion of the client) and help seal the unit during rough weather when in open territory.
  3. Special divider panels with welded rubber gloves, designed to easily reach outside to test the patients, collect samples and place them in an external fridge as well as clean and disinfect the work area and the gloves themselves between patients. The refrigeration units help maintain samples longer than the use of insulated ice boxes. 

Large refrigeration units can also be used for other purposes, including maintaining a large stock of vaccines on site or tested samples waiting for delivery to a laboratory, to allow for more autonomous hours of continuous treatments. 

Each Medi 3 of type B & C has been equipped with a silenced power generator  to provide up to 5-6 hours of power between refueling. The generator can be used in specially built housing or placed several meters from the unit and connected via standard extension cord. 

The Medi 3 can also operate through the local power grid and comes equipped with a standard extension cable to connect it to any 220V wall socket. 

A version of the Medi 3 exists which is adjusted to the USA and other 110V countries and can connect to a 110V power grid.

In the event of LSSD – “Large scale sudden disaster”, MEDI 3 can be mobilized for multiple first responder teams for various missions.

MEDI 3 comes in 3 versions, all with an optional trailer. The unit can receive electrical power from the local grid or from a generator (to be supplied by the local client)  and an optional power generator. 

Most importantly – when the current pandemic is over and everyone is vaccinated, the Medi 3 can still find a wide variety of civilian, police and military uses, without any need for structural modifications. This built in versatility increases its value.

Safety, security & hygiene
The safety and security of the occupants is fundamental in creating safe and comfortable conditions to users / medical personnel. 

Security – each unit has a reinforced steel door equipped with several bolts and external and internal locks to ensure the teams can feel safe from harm (during the vaccination period, vandalism and theft of vaccines may occur)

Additionally, the units are provided with 2 smoke detectors and 3 Kg fire extinguisher.

Safety – the Medi 3 electrical system is of the safest in the world. It uses standard circuit boards together a self-monitoring isolation transformer and ungrounded system to ensure no one inside the unit or near it can become electrocuted the need to ground the unit. 

Other benefits  
Medi 3  can also be supplied without the trailer base and for long term stationery deployment. 
Medi 3 is designed for all weather. 
The unit can unload itself from the trailer towed by most commercial vans or small trucks, as well as level itself on any surface where it is placed. 
The Medi 3 can be used to test for viruses as well as other uses and can serve childre and wheelchair bound individuals as off the trailer its height off the ground can be easily adjusted. 
Medi 3 was designed and built to maintain low LCC (Life Cycle Costing) due to the use of high quality reliable materials and components which require minimal  maintenance and have low operating costs. 

Internal & external lights
The Medi 3 has quality internal lighting and provides preparation for an external lighting system including solar powered lights.

Accessories for additional uses
Type C Medi 3 enables teams to work during LSSD events (large scale sudden disasters) such as earthquakes, floods and other natural disasters which require filtered air via a standard filtration system which can block bad smells from carcasses or sewage that would prevent teams from working without donning hazmat suits. Medi 3 allows the teams to work in these harsh conditions. 
The Medi 3 can also accept satellite and cellular communication systems without interference and white noise which allows the unit to act as a mobile Command & Control center.

More Features:
Can be towed and set up anywhere
Medi 3 rests on a trailer that can be attached to any commercial vehicle or pickup truck and can disconnect itself from the trailer.

3 directions 
It can implement sampling and vaccinations in three separate lines, thereby streamlining the waiting times while at the same time maintaining safe distances.

Complete separation obviating the need for protective clothing
A system of gloves with a transparent screen separating the samplers from the subjects of the tests enables vaccinating and/or taking samples without direct contact, and obviates the need for protective clothing.
Tremendous economy in protective clothing!

NBC filtration system
The facility can receive inflation to provide overpressure and filtrated air by an NBC filtration system of the Beth-El Company. Additionally, it is fitted with a hardened door making it hermetically sealed.

Independent unit
The structure can be disconnected from the trailer enabling Medi 3 to stand alone. A simple system of jacks for operation enables adjusting to the desired height, including on uneven surfaces.

Electric system
Medi 3 operates by a generator enabling 6 hours of continuous work between one refuel and another and/or by a domestic system.

Air conditioning
Medi 3 is equipped with a quiet, split air conditioner.

Maximum accessories

Internal refrigerators
External refrigerators
Convenient illumination
Hard coolers
Intercom system
Electronic signposting
Computer desks
Blinds and windows made of polycarbonate – well secured, and safeguarding the protective equipment from theft, including during non-operation hours.
Small roofs to provide shade
Cleansing and fumigation devices
Garbage cans
Demountable front part

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