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Foldable Car Safe

A foldable car safe for preserving sensitive documents, computers, telephones and other valuables in a vehicle.

Cat. No. BMFR-80
Approved by Fortification Experts

LengthMany different sizes according to the client’s needs and specifications


What good is a car safe if the vehicle is stolen?

Contrary to popular belief, not every thief knows to steal a vehicle… Today, with the growing sophistication of vehicle protection systems, auto theft has become a specialized skill. But breaking into a parked car and stealing valuables is easy, quick, simple and, unfortunately, has become a common phenomenon.

To make matters worse, some thefts occur when the driver is in the vehicle. Riding motorbike’s the thieves are able, within seconds, to steal from vehicles even when stopped at a traffic light.

The safe is constructed from galvanized steel (stainless steel) and anchored to the vehicle using unique anchor points that are resistant to cold cutting tools for up to 15 minutes. In practice, the thieves will avoid the risk of a noisy break in attempt and will simply move onto the next vehicle.


  • The safe can be installed in a car’s trunk or hidden in other strategic areas of any private or commercial vehicle.
  • Each safe is engraved with its own, unique serial number which can be used by insurance companies and police for tracking and identification.
  • The safe is suitable for all vehicle types. Installation takes just 10 minutes and requires no alterations to the vehicle.
  • Can easily be removed and installed in another vehicle.
  • Can also be installed in a hire car.
  • The safe has a concealed locking system operated by mobile telephone.
  • The safe can be removed in a number of ways (Not described here for security reasons).
  • When not in use, the safe takes up almost no room in the car’s trunk.

Optional Upgrades

  • Resistance to cold cutting tools can be upgraded to 30 minutes.
  • A smart tracking system can be installed in the safe so that it can be located if the vehicle is stolen and/or the safe released from its anchor points.
  • The safe’s lock can be upgraded to the client’s specifications.
  • The safe can be fitted with thermal insulation that maintains a constant internal temperature to preserve sensitive biological or chemical materials.
  • The safe can be purchased in any color.

Ideal for protecting:

  • Telephones Laptop computers
  • Wallets and money
  • Jewelry
  • Sensitive documents
  • Valuables
  • And more…

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