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MCCB: Modular Crowd Control Barrier

The Modular Crowd Control Barrier (MCCB) is an easy to install / dismount, handle, maintain and store modular unit, to be used by law enforcement and public safety agencies for high mission-effective and cost effective crowd controlling, way-blocking, crowd routing and safety missions.

Selected by the Israeli Police Vandal Proof Crowd Counter-Level

The MCCB is suitable to cope with various missions in several severity levels. The adoption of the solution is done on the spot according to the change in the situation: between mild and heavy duty missions.


The idea is to use two modules connected as a “T” shape as an anchor and the other modules connected to it as is, or with more “T” as the mission becomes more severe.

The MCCB is a system, composed of identical flat metal modules. Each module is built of a flat frame, strengthened by inner bars and sheet metal plates, tailored to the specific needs of the customer.

A connecting lever is assembled on the upper bar of the frame, moving freely by a hinge, containing a locking mechanism on its edge. While in storage or transportation, the lever is folded inside the frame and does not add width.

The modules are stored and transported to the area in piles which are volume saving, thus allowing effective use of the space and rapid deployment by less vehicles and manpower.

The module weight is considerably less than the standard existing modules. The handling is more convenient and can be carried out by any personnel, including female officers and young people.

The installation of the module and the creation of a stable, compatible to local conditions, barrier is carried out in two major modes:

  • Standard (mild) operation mode: In this mode the modules are installed on the surface one by one, connected to each other by the sides’ locks, standing on their own legs and backed by the lever which is opened in an angle to the main frame ( and stopped by a limiting chain), leaning on the surface at the locking mechanism end. This mode is used with civilized and peaceful crowd, for routing purposes, for safety hazards access prevention and for marking obstacles e.g. holes, bumps etc.
  • Heavy duty operation mode: In this mode one module is installed horizontally on the surface and one module is perpendicular to it and on top of it, while its legs are located in the right spot on the horizontal module bars. The lever of the horizontal module is freely connected to the vertical frame and its own lever is connected to the horizontal’s frame. Then easily locked by the locking mechanism this mode of installation creates a rigid, self stabilized, upside down “T” shape barrier. By connecting a chain of those combined modules, the fence is highly rigid, stable and can not be turned over by the crowd. Location of the locking mechanism on the other side of the crowd prevents access to the crowd for dismantling the construction. The weight of the crowd on the horizontal module adds counter force to the barrier.
  • For semi-heavy duty operation mode: A combination of this “T” shape construction and regular modules, side by side is available according to the local condition in a specific event, e.g.: One “T’ shape construction connected to one or more standard modules at each side.


  • Light weight- Easy to handle by anybody
  • Narrow profile – Saves space in storage and transpiration
  • Flexible – Suitable to solve various missions in various severity levels. The adoption of the solution is done on the spot according to the change in the situation
  • Effective – With the effectiveness factor of “barrier length/transportation and storage space” in mind, the MCCB is highly effective
  • Affordable price – The simplicity of the modules leads to relative low cost production and cost effective use on the short and the long run
  • Rigid – The MCCB is designed to withstand the roughest environmental conditions and crowd pressure by its special ability to shape the “T” mode, by the combination between the two types of constructions and by the rigid construction of the individual module

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