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Mantis: Guard Tower

A fortified observation post and combat platform brought into the field that erects within minutes: mobile tower, fortified elevated sangar, autonomous.

Cat. No. BMFR-056 / 057 / 058 / 059 / 060 / 061 / 062 / 063 / 064 / 065


  • The Mantis sangar allows for maximum flexibility in deployment locations making it ideal for meeting changing operational requirements in real time. It can be erected at a new threat location and transported to a new location to a new location according to changing operational needs.
  • In addition to being an observation tower, the Mantis can also be used as a combat post, for communications and other purposes as needed.
  • Suitable for all terrain and all weather conditions.

The Mantis is available in a range of models

  • The elevated sangar tower operates and can be extended to a maximum height of 10 meters.
  • Six and eight meter models are also available.

The Mantis can be supplied with two fortification levels:

  1. Non-fortified observation tower.
  2. Raised tower/firing platform, telescopic and fortified against fire arms.

Folded length~6-8 m.
Stored width~2.5 m.
Height6/8/10 m.
Weight9-15 t.

The Mantis ideal for use near borders

All weather, Day & Night…

The Mantis in use by the IDF

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