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Dry Storage: Humidity Controlled Facilities

Custom-built facilities designed to store both military and commercial equipment, and vehicles. The system offers total protection against corrosion, equipment degradation and moisture radically reducing maintenance by maintaining operational readiness.

Cat. No. BMFR-206

Soft and Hard shelled buildings for dry storage and industrial refrigeration facilities using the most advanced sealing technologies available in the world today.

Mifram has proven experience in the design and construction of dry storage facilities since 1990. Our clients include the Ministry of Defense, the Electricity Corporation and others.


  • Total protection against corrosion
  • Total protection against equipment degradation and moisture-induced function failure
  • Built-in dehumidifiers effectively bar humidity, dirt and dust
  • Sophisticated insulation system insures constant temperature control
  • Battery levels, humidity levels and temperature levels can be monitored from outside the building
  • Eliminates ultraviolet light
  • Ideal for storing operation-ready:
    • military vehicles
    • tanks
    • APVS
    • mobile cannons
    • missiles
    • ammunition
    • radar
    • electronics


  • Custom-built
  • Cost effective – slashes maintenance costs
  • Vehicles and equipment can remain in dry storage for up to two years
  • No periodic maintenance of contents required
  • Helps stored machinery stay clean
  • Preserves paintwork
  • Protects rubber parts
  • Keeps disc brakes rust-free

Optional add-ons:

  • Fire detection
  • Intruder detection
  • Hydrogen level

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