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Check Post

Check Post

Enterance Protected Check-Post

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The Ideal Solution for A Temporary & high risk screening of personnel

  • Transportable, relocatable and operational immediately after positioning
  • Can be placed on any flat surface without special foundations
  • Protected against ballistic threats and both outer and inner blasts
  • Enables conduct of a security check with full protection to the security personnel
  • Maximum control over the subject being checked (both through a protective window and by other means).
  • Modular - capable of being upgraded according to specific customer requirements and standards.
  • Military and civilian usage
  • Protected against vandalism
  • Can be painted or coated for any finish required.
  • Can be purchased or hired.


  • A complete person screening system, fully blast and bullet protected and transportable.
  • Allows full protection of the security personnel from threats injury caused by the subject being screened or external factors.
  • Allows direct visual inspection through a protective window using a video camera and closed circuit TV monitoring system that records and saves information in a data bank.
  • Can be placed and operational in a very short time.
  • Its modularity enables tailor made production according to the client's specific standards and demands.
  • Can be connected in series to other stations creating a larger screening complex.
  • Finish - according to the client's demand.
  • Can be either purchased or leased for long periods.
  • Can be located in open space
  • Can be supplied with a silenced power (generator) unit allowing full independence.

Technical specifications - Protection:

  • Ballistic resistance - 5.56SS109/M16 7.62M80/AK47 Upgrading withstand machine gun rounds of up to 0.5"
  • Blast resistance - both inside and outside the building for a bomb up to 15 kg of explosives.

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