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SAMSON™: Heavy vehicle barrier

The first modular and mobile barrier that stops heavy trucks weighing up to 18 Ton. Ideal for fast deployment, multiterrain asphalt and gravel.

Suitable also for urban areas and high level threats zones. A MUST-HAVE for every perimeter security professional.

Dial +972-72-392-2515 and discover the easiest way to stop a ramming truck as heavy as 12 ton with SAMSON™ – a super heavy weight champion in the world of Modular vehicle barriers.

Patent pending
Modular and portable


Prevents ramming vehicles entry into restricted areas
Patent Pending technology: the horizontal momentum is converted to a
vertical momentum both downward and upwards
Modularity enables blocking wide-ranging routes and widths
Designed for use on sandy, rocky and rough terrain,     gravel and asphalt
Safety lights and signs
Adequate for urban territories and high level threats areas
Basic color: Yellow & black
Assembled by one agent


IWA 14 -1:2013 standard: VSB V/7200 [N3D]/48/90:14.2
Tested at 7,500 kg @ 50 km/hr [16,538 lbs. @ 31.06 mi/h] – Penetration 14.2 m  [46.6 ft.]
PAS 68: 2013 standard VSB V/ 7500 [N3]/48 / 90: 12.4
Tested & Certifed at 7,500 kg @ 48 km/hr [16,538 lbs. @ 29.83 mi/h] – Penetration 12.4 m [40.68 ft.]
ASTM – F2656-15 standard: Barrier Rating C730
Tested at 7,500 kg @ 50 km/hr [16,538 lbs. @ 31.06 mi/h] – Penetration 12.4 m  [40.68 ft.]
667 KJ Energy Absorption – Equal to 89 Concrete blocks of 1M³ (2.4 Ton) Movement  for 1 Meter Distance


Ground anchors for added barrier effectiveness
Pivot system can transform to a swing gate
Samson-TruckMen – Can stops vehicles and people
Can be used as a platform for advertisements



per single unit
~4.92 ft.       ~150 cm Length
~2.13 ft.       ~65 cm  Width
~12.54 ft.      ~108 cm Height
~121.3 lbs.     ~55 kg  Weight
~60.64 lbs.     ~27.5 kg        Heaviest Part

SAMSON™ Assembly Instructions

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