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MFS: Modular Fence System

Ideal for separating spectator sectors and for channeling crowds at events, trade fairs and stadiums, the MFS is a smart alternative to road barriers, portable chain link fencing, police and event fencing.

Cat. No. BMFR-020


  • Space-saving 1.3 m2 metal case
  • Contains up to 18-50 meters fencing
  • Available in 1.2m or 2m height
  • Separates spectator sectors
  • Channels crowds at events, trade fairs and stadiums
  • Excellent shape retaining properties
  • End-piece enables the MFS to be attached to buildings, pillars or other fence systems
  • Several MFS units create seamless fence system
  • All accessories stored in lockable box
  • Rolls up (with winch) into storage case after mobile or stationary use
  • Concrete base slab at ensures excellent stability properties
  • High-tensile steel wire mesh


  • Can be installed/dismantled in minutes by 1-2 personnel with little physical effort
  • Smart alternative to portable chain link fencing, police and event fencing
  • Can be adapted to different terrains
  • Flexible fence prevents would be climbers from gaining a foothold
  • Easily transportable for rapid deployment
  • Total flexibility re: fence route

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