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Anti Ram Vehicle Barriers

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Certified to stop them all!

MVB 3X™: Modular vehicle barrier The 3rd and latest generation of MVB technology
SAMSON™: Modular vehicle barrier Will stop anything up to 12 Ton
MVB: Modular Vehicle Barrier Non-fatal stopping power
MVB-II – Modular Vehicle Barrier II Quick assembly and effective blocking ability
FMB: Flat Modular Barrier Fast, reliable and flexible
PYRAMID – Bi directional vehicle barrier Advanced bi-directional solution
SMVB: Snap Mobile Vehicle Barrier Stealthy & effective
Carmen: Crowd Control & Vehicle Barrier Controls riots & blocks vehicles
HERCULES 100: Heavy weight modular vehicle barrier The heavy weight champion
RMB: Robust Mobile Barrier a MUST for every perimeter security professional
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You get the robust physical, pedestrian permeable vehicle barriers, with unique capabilities that meet your specific needs and requirements and the challenges of first responders such as military and security forces.

In the last 5 years, there were several serious ramming vehicles terror events that could be stopped if only our barriers were there.

These vehicle terror events could have been stopped

View of Barcelona Barcelona 2017
View of Berlin Berlin 2016
Scania R 450 Semi-Trailer
View of Charlottesville Charlottesville 2017
Dodge chalenger
View Columbus Ohio Columbus, Ohio 2016
Honda civic
View Jerusalem Jerusalem 2017
Crane truck 7.5 ton
View of London London 2017
View of Melbourne Melbourne 2017
Suzuki Vitara
View of New york New York 2017
Pick up truck
View of Nice Nice 2016
Cargo truck 19 ton

The high-security truck and vehicle barrier systems are deployed in various perimeter security applications all over the world.

Vehicle access control, Protect critical infrastructure and facilities, Guard docking ocean liners at international harbors, Provide anti-terrorism solutions, Protecting events and crowded areas and saving lives!

MIFRAM provides crash rated barriers with proven stopping capabilities and tailor-made to meet users’ requirements.

Our expertise includes – but not limited to – R&D, design, computer simulations, engineering, fabrication and testing, Technical & financial optimization to improve cost efficiency. Since 2002, thousands of pedestrian permeable vehicle barriers have been provided in many countries.

Mifram provides unique solutions customized to specific clients requirements. Our solutions support military, para-military, police, peace-keeping forces, special forces, government, municipality and commercial entities.

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