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Name your threats and invite us to supply your physical protection needs

Terrorist attacks have become more and more common, yet most potential attacks can be predicted and appropriate countermeasures implemented.

However, different acts of aggression require different types of planning and preparation by the terrorists.
Mifram Security, established in 1962, is capable of providing most of your physical protection hardware and knowhow requirements.

This, thanks to its wide variety of products, technologies and implementation procedures.

Since its founding, the State of Israel has fallen victim to countless terrorist attacks by its enemies, and prevailed over them.

Owing to this experience, Mifram has a great headstart in facing such threats. In fact, it puts Israel years ahead of any other country in the world.

The countermeasures supplied by Mifram are all user-friendly, cost-effective, mobile, easily and efficiently deployed and, most of all, combat proven.

Over the past 55 years, Mifram Security has provided physical security solutions and technologies to many respectable clients including the IDF, Israeli special forces, Israeli Homefront Command, the U.S.

Army, U.S. Marines, U.S. Air force, U.S. Navy, the police, special forces, critical infrastructure installations, private companies, municipalities, peace-keeping forces, UN Headquarters and UN missions around the world, airports, sea ports, etc.

Until recently, our capabilities were based on best practice, great innovative and creative ideas followed by great engineering, great production capabilities, fast testing and certification, and affordable prices with very long LCC (Life Cycle Cost) and minimal maintenance required.

However, based on the rapid changes and diversity of terror attacks, and due to the ongoing threats challenging security forces all over the world, Mifram has had to provide new, effective physical security solutions in very short times. In most cases we have managed to use well-proven technologies while adding some new innovative twist that enable us, in most cases,

to achieve the impossible and provide security solutions on time.

Since 1995, Mifram Security has joined forces some of the best and finest engineering companies and well-known, reputable research laboratories and institutes.

Thus, ongoing research and development has become a part of the company’s DNA.

Every client with an unsolved physical security problem (one that we define as real and serious) receives the full attention of our R&D teams, and within a very reasonable time frame is offered various options for resolving these issues, including a quotation and delivery schedule.

Our computers utilize top-of-the-line CPUs and our capability of connecting computing power with experienced, talented engineers and security experts enable us to provide optimum solutions to the various challenges, at the most reasonable prices and within the shortest schedule.

Nevertheless, one should bear in mind that not all terrorist threats can be stopped or prevented.


Mifram provides security systems for the following applications:

• Stopping car ramming attacks
• Stopping ramming attacks by trucks (including semitrailers) of up to 40 tons
• Stopping ballistic and blast threats from 9mm bullets to Scud missiles
• Ballistic, blast and CBRNE-protected mobile command and control modules
• Ballistic, blast and CBRNE-protected mobile bank branches
• Ballistic, blast and CBRNE-protected mobile shelters
• Ballistic, blast and CBRNE-protected mobile retrofits
• Protection for soldiers and first responders in the field
• Stopping suicide bombers
• Observation towers
• Combat posts
• Mobile, expandable multipurpose units
• High-security fences including anti-RPG and anti-tank rockets

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