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Steel T Walls

Mobile and towable 2.5 meters high and six meters long protective steel walls. Light and highly resistant with a positive weight/protection ratio. Resistant to rifle fire, they screen, conceal and protect along front lines and inside threatened areas.

Cat. No. BMFR-151
Approved by the IDF Commander Engineering Corps - Fortifications

Length up tp 6 m.
Width 2 m.
Height 2.5 m.
Weight ~5.5 t.


  • Protection rating can be upgraded and the height/length altered
  • Can effectively stop shrapnel and bullets without the structure collapsing
  • Easily repaired after being hit
  • Can be used in a variety of combinations to form protected areas
  • Can be towed into a hostile area for fast fortification

Protects against wide range of threats

  • Direct and near misses
  • 122 mm rockets
  • Explosive devices
  • Kassam 2
  • Hand grenades
  • Molotov Cocktails
  • Protection from low trajectory, light weapons – including near misses, shrapnel and blast, ballistic protection up to 556/762 armor piercing

Highly Mobile

Walls can be towed by:

  • Caterpillar D9
  • Digger
  • APC (Tiger)
  • APC (Cougar)
  • Armored Car
  • Tanks
  • Heavy mechanical equipment available in the area
  • Air transportable – either by helicopter or cargo plane

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